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Maximize your gains on Solana DeFi with our self-custodial & yield-optimized strategies

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Why Hawksight
One-Stop Shop
Earn the best yield on your SOL and USDC with the smartest navigator of Solana DeFi protocols. Choose your preferred strategy from our list of strategies across 4 protocols and start earning in 1 click! No swapping, staking, pairing, bridging, or pooling needed!
Flexible Deposits and Withdrawals
Deposit any amount of SOL or USDC to start earning yield. Claim rewards and withdraw your funds anytime! No minimum deposits or lockups!
Secure & Non-Custodial
Decentralized vaults keep depositors in full control over their funds. Hawksight is battle-tested through internal audits, multiple external audits (CertiK & Sec3), and will partner with DeFi insurance protocols.
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Top crypto funds, exchanges, and 1,914,601+ everyday investors from 36+ countries
Solana Ventures
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Building Solana's smartest Yield Optimizer
H2-2022 Roadmap
Rapidly integrate DeFi yield strategies for Lending, Liquidity Providing, Staking & Derivatives Options protocols such as
Solend Francium Port Finance Marinade Lido Tulip Socean JSOL Friktion PsyFi
Upgrades & feature launches
NFT holder DeFi vault fee discounts
Hawksight AI SDK & API for developer integration
Hawksight chatbot upgrades & APY optimization alerts (Chatbot currently reaching 1.9million+ users, and integrated in 1.2k+ Web3 communities)
Upgraded dashboard for profitability & APY tracking
Hawksight Degen Pool
Beta-test Hawksight Degen Pool, a gamified yield aggregator rewarding NFT holders
$HAWK updates
$HAWK token staking and buyback from DeFi mainnet protocol fees
More partners and integrations
Expand Web3, NFT, and DAO partnerships for treasury yield management, product integration, and co-marketing
More potential considerations
Multichain expansion, new CEX listings, upgraded NFT PFP branding, Solana Mobile focus, and API integrations with other Web2 & Web3 platforms
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Not sure how to start?
We got your back. It is our mission to help you get started and guide you throughout your journey!
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is Hawksight?
Hawksight is a Defi super-app for everyone! We give you the easiest way to earn yield from popular DeFi protocols on Solana with 1-click. Less time and gas fees spent to swap your USDC to a vault token or asset, and staking that token into various yield-farming strategies.
2. Can everyone use Hawksight?
Hawksight is open for everyone! It’s our mission to help you leverage popular DeFi protocols to generate and maximize yield from your assets.
3. Is there a fee to use Hawksight?
We charge a Yield Performance Fee of 5%, while deposits and withdrawals are free.
4. Is there a minimum/maximum amount to deposit/withdraw?
There are no minimum deposits or maximum withdrawals when using Hawksight as it is our mission to make Defi accessible for all!
5. Is there a minimum holding period for my deposits before I can withdraw it?
You can withdraw your funds from any Hawksight vault at any time! When depositing into Hawksight vaults, we automate the processes needed to execute DeFi Strategies AND keep you in control of your funds! Withdraw it at any time or amount that you please!
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